Below you will find a number of frequently asked questions, feel free to contact us to discuss any further questions you may have.

Information Technology FAQ's

Managed Services allow us to manage your environments by being your single point of contact for everything IT and ensuring your day-to-day operations run efficiently with minimum interruption. We even manage vendors on your behalf so you can focus on your business.
Proactive maintenance is part of our Managed Services offering and ensures your systems and infrastructure are actively monitored for issues before they impact your business. Issues are passively resolved typically with minimum interruption to your operations.
We specialise in all areas of technology with a preference for Microsoft solutions, due to their capabilities across the entire business spectrum. We’re also experts in the following technologies: Vmware (Virtualisation), Citrix, Active Directory, Exchange Servers, Office 365, Unix/Linux, .Net Development and Dynamics CRM.
IT Disaster Recovery Plans provide step-by-step procedures for recovering disrupted systems and networks in order to resume normal operations. The goal of these processes is to minimise any negative impacts on company operations. Our IT Disaster Recovery process identifies critical IT systems and networks, prioritises their recovery time and outlines the steps needed to restart, reconfigure, and recover them. A comprehensive IT DR plan also includes all the relevant supplier contacts, sources of expertise for recovering disrupted systems and a logical sequence of action steps for a smooth recovery.

Not having a Disaster Recovery plan in place could seriously impact your business if a failure were to occur. Who would you turn to? What applications or systems are most critical? Who’s responsible for the different aspects of recovery and how long will it take? If your business hasn’t considered the above questions, it’s probably time to contact Securelogic about your DR.
We provide site assessments to establish a baseline of your existing systems which helps us understand where you are as a business when it relates to IT.

  • Servers and Workstations
  • Networks & Firewalls
  • Backup & DR
  • System Security
  • License Compliance
  • Web Presence

Once an assessment is complete, we gain a clear picture of the systems you have in place and can provide a roadmap for IT that aligns closely with your business goals.
Network Security is one of our favourite areas of IT expertise. We leverage a range of tools to provide non-intrusive testing and penetration testing to identify key security risks that could be harmful to an organisation. Our Security Audits ensure your network or website is risk free from both internal and external threats.
What and where is the Cloud? These are questions you've probably heard or even asked yourself. The term ‘Cloud Computing’ is everywhere. In the simplest terms, Cloud Computing refers to storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of across your internal systems.

Cloud services enables smaller organisations to leverage big business tools at a fraction of the cost without the need for the hardware or resources to build or maintain those services. Most Cloud services are provided on a monthly service cost and can be capitalised as an ongoing expense. Our team can help you evaluate if Cloud services are a good fit for your organisation.
An IT strategy should align closely with your overall business strategy. IT strategy is important because it helps us understand your IT infrastructure as it stands and gives us a map of the future as well as a plan for how to get there. Companies that have a map have a better sense of direction and are more likely to be successful in competition within their industry. By having deliverables that contribute to the planning process, you’re better placed to make the right business decisions.

Contact our team to help build a strategy that works for your business.

Web Development FAQ's

We choose a platform that works best with the unique requirements for your project and business. However, we typically align a business with one of the following platforms:

  • DNN
  • NopCommerce
  • SharePoint
  • Umbraco
  • WordPress
  • Magento
Absolutely. We build, maintain and manage sites for clients across all platforms, including sites not built by us.
Absolutely. We’re experienced in a number of leading Ecommerce platforms that enable powerful capabilities for your business. For more information click here
The cost of a website depends on many factors such as the type of design, complexity of the project, size of the project, photography and videography to name a few. Call us for a detailed quote or submit your requirements here
Absolutely. We provide hosting through our managed providers, leveraging the best to deliver 24/7 support and reliable, fast hosting that’s specifically built for your evolving business.
Although we don’t offer those services directly, we work closely with a number of trusted photographers and videographers that deliver high quality, unique work around your brief. We do however manage this process for you during the website development process.
Depending on the complexity of your project, delivering a functional and creative site can take anywhere from 6 to 16 weeks.
We have a stringent 12 step process that we follow to ensure we’re able to build creative, functional and professional websites that exceed your expectations. For more information on our development process click here
All projects are costed on a per project basis. To begin the project, we invoice you for 50%, with the remaining 50% to be paid post going live.
Absolutely. All of our websites are completely backed-up during the Go Live phase. We also provide daily backup services if they are required to ensure we have a complete recovery process. Our sites are all built on a CMS that allows authoring and version control, which facilitates speedy recovery of content without referring to backups.
Absolutely. All our sites are responsive, mobile and tablet friendly.
Absolutely, but you may not have the time or resources in-house to do it, so we offer ongoing management services. We can update and change site content at a fraction of the time while keeping the look and feel of the site consistent.
Absolutely. We have both CMS and E-commerce platforms that are very capable of supporting multilingual sites.
We leverage SharePoint (The world’s leading intranet and collaboration platform) to build functional intranets that allow your business to engage internal staff, promote business process automation and manage documents in a simple and powerful way.
More Questions

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